JACKSONVILLE POLICE: DOT Must Replace Pole On 24 After Wreck

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If you take Highway 24 to work in Jacksonville, you may want to find an alternate route Tuesday morning.

Jacksonville Police told WITN around 3:45 Tuesday morning, a woman hit a Department of Transportation pole along Highway 24 near the Montford Landing Road intersection. That is near the Beirut Memorial and Hargett Street.

While police said the driver had some minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, the pole she hit was knocked unstable.

Officers said the attached traffic lights were still working after the wreck, but the pole has to be replaced.

The DOT is expected to replace the pole Tuesday morning. Officers said a portion of Highway 24 will have to be shut down as crews do that.

No word on when those repairs will start or finish.

As far as the wreck, police tell us alcohol was not a factor.

Officers said the driver is not currently facing charges as the investigation continues.