It May Feel Like Spring But Experts Warn Against Gardening

It looks a lot like spring in parts of Eastern Carolina, but how long will it last?

Experts like Kenneth Stillwell with Carolina Seasons Nursery are weighing in.

Stillwell says, "The trees that are blooming right now, like the cherry trees, some of the early blooming cherries, they could get damaged if it gets into the twenties."

Freezing temperatures are expected Thursday night and into Friday morning.

WITN Meteorologist Matt Engelbrecht says, "We're going to get into the twenties for at least a few hours and of course we mention the hard freeze for farmers. Also for protecting your plants, it is going to be really cold and its something we're kinda used to."

Stillwell says the roller coaster of temperatures takes a toll on plants.

"Some of your Bradford Pear and Cleveland Pear, those early blooming trees, will get fooled if we have another warm spell," says Stillwell. "They may bloom and I've seen the blooms get burned on those."

Engelbrecht says the current temperature trend is not ending anytime soon. That means residents should hold off on doing any gardening.

Experts say that cool weather plants like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower can be planted in a few more weeks.