"Ironside" Reboot Debuts On NBC Tonight

(NBC News) Raymond Burr made a wheelchair bound detective a tv mainstay in the early seventies.

Now, forty years later Blair Underwood's giving "Ironside" a 21st century reboot.

"Really, what we have is the character's name, Robert T. Ironside. He's a detective and he happens to be in a wheelchair, really, beyond that, it's all fresh and new," Underwood said.

One difference is seeing Ironside's life before the shooting that leaves him paralyzed.

"A lot of our show is him grappling in his private moments with this new version of himself. But in his public, professional, moments, he's a bad ass cop" said Underwood.

The new series is set in New York City instead of San Francisco.

But like the original, this Ironside is also working with a trio of hand-picked colleagues.

This re-imagined version of the show offers a different intensity.

"It's funny, we started initially, he won't break the law! He's kinda breakin' the law! The scene we shot last night, he's breaking the law. But he's doing it for the right reasons," Underwood said.

Just part of what makes this new Ironside different.