Inspectors Check Rides Ahead Of Lenoir County Fair

The Lenoir County Fair gets underway Tuesday and NC Department of Labor inspectors were out Monday checking on rides as they we getting set up.

It's state law for them rides to get a close inspection before anyone gets on them.

State inspector Wesley Tarte tells us their rule is, if they wouldn't put their children on that ride, they wouldn't allow for it to operate.

Tarte says, "If we have any doubts anyone is going to get hurt on that ride it will not operate. We also go as far as we do operations inspections after the fair is open to come back and watch the operators and make sure they're adhering to height requirements."

State inspectors say they've had no fatalities due to mechanical issues on amusement rides in North Carolina and the Lenoir County Fair has not experienced any ride-related accidents on the midway.

The Lenoir County Fair starts Tuesday at 5:00 pm and organizers say they're have 28 safe rides for everyone to enjoy.