Inmate Accused Of Assaulting Jailer

A sheriff says an inmate hit a jailer so hard, that officer had to get stitches in his face.

Sheriff Ed Brown tells us that 23-year-old Leland Pierce of Charlotte was being shifted from one cell to another location when the attack occurred.

Brown says Officer Michael Ilvento is not out of commission, but the injury near his eye required 14 stitches.

Pierce was being held in the Polk Corrections facility, but was brought back to Onslow County for a motion in a hearing regarding his previous charges related to armed robbery.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety's website, Pierce's criminal record dates back to 2008 and includes drug and robbery charges.

Court clerks in Onslow County said Pierce made his first appearance on the charge of physically injuring a detention officer on Monday. The judge did not amend his $15,000 bond.

Pierce is due back in court on the new charge July 2nd.