Inclement Weather Puts Pitt County Court Cases On Ice

As schools and businesses shut down due to the inclement weather, so did many of our local courts.

On Thursday, it was a full case load on the dockets. Pitt County Assistant District Attorney Chris Johnson says that's typical.

Johnson says, "In district court, in traffic court, they average 400 cases in any given day."

But Thursday was an abbreviated day in court, which means the cold weather put some cases on ice.

Marcus Wilkins arrived to his scheduled court date, not realizing the wait.

Wilkins says, "When I came this morning, I expected to come to court at 9:30. They delayed it to 10:30 and it's almost 11:30 now and we still haven't started court."

Johnson adds, "Courts were opened late so we knew we would be getting a late start to things."

Johnson, who also serves as a District Court Chief, has the responsibility of rescheduling cases.

He says when courts closed for two days back in January, that's when he and the Clerk of Courts, Sara-Beth Fulford Rhodes, had to get creative.

Here's an important reminder. Fulford Rhodes stresses that if you have a scheduled court date on a snow day, but court is in session even for a half day, you need to show up.

Fulford Rhodes says, "Please out there, if you have a court date come call us, come by, look online and find out so you don't miss it."

The Clerk of Courts has been extremely busy, but says the new Administrative Traffic Court has helped cut down on the backlog.

That's when the District Attorney addresses minor traffic infractions, keeping those cases from clogging up the calendar.