Illegal Fireworks Found in Some Jacksonville Tents

As the Jacksonville Fire Marshal checked fireworks tents and stands ahead of the 4th of July holiday, he says he found $5,000 worth of illegal fireworks.

The fireworks had to be confiscated and destroyed or returned to the distributor.

Fire Marshal John Reed says after the check, if any more illegal fireworks show up, those operating the tent stands could be fined up 10 $100.00 for each device.

So just what is legal here in NC?

Reed says sparklers and almost anything that does not leave the ground.

Some people buying legal fireworks, like George Latham, know the dangers firsthand. He says "I was playing with the black cats and I lit them all at one time and I held on them and they burned my hand."

Luckily he just has a small scar on his finger from the childhood incident. He takes precautions to make sure that doesn't happen to his family or anyone at his home.

Latham says, "I always have a bucket of water and the hose on standby to make sure there are no fires or anything. When the fireworks are done I put all the cartridges in the bucket of water itself to make sure it doesn't spark a fire. "

Reed says if you use illegal fireworks you can face a $500.00 fine.