Icy Morning Commute Keeps Troopers, Tow Trucks Busy

A horrendous commute Tuesday morning, as vehicles slid off the roads into ditches or worse.

The Highway Patrol responded to three times the amount of minor traffic accidents than they do in a week.

With troopers on the roll, there were tow truck companies right there behind them.

WITN caught up with Chris Simpson of A&B Towing Service.

Simpson said, "They're going way too fast. Everybody just needs to slow down."

Speed was a major concern as Simpson stood on Highway 264 in Pitt County.

A lot of ice translated into a lot of accidents. Nearly 50 accidents in Pitt County in just a 14-hour window. Some made worse by drivers not watching the road.

Simpson said, "Everybody needs to slow down a little bit. Keep your eyes on the road and just watch what they doing. We're just out here trying to help everybody out and that's about it."

Help them get back on the road or in some cases, to a body shop.