I-95 Toll, Improvements Drawing Concern

Plans for a multi-billion dollar project are in the works for I-95.The D.O.T. held a public meeting Tuesday in Wilson and showcased findings after an economic assessment of the interstate. They say they're planning a $4.5 billion renovation, including making the area above I-40 6 lanes, and the area south of it 8 lanes.

Ernie Brame of the No Tolls I-95 Coalition is concerned with the way they'll fund the project, by tolling travelers, something he says is selective enforcement.

"I-95 is the only interstate in North Carolina with 2 travel lanes the whole way through, and North Carolina is the only state that I-95 runs through that only has 2 travel lanes the whole way through," said Brame.

The D.O.T. says the cost for a driver to cross through the state from Virginia to South Carolina would be about $20 if the plan were put in place.