Hundreds Turn Out For Moral Monday March In Goldsboro

Across the east, organizations gathered to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

In Goldsboro, North Carolina NAACP President William Barber spoke at a rally, after a Moral Monday March downtown.

Beula Jones of Goldsboro said MLK, "wanted peace for everybody and he wanted his children to be able to go to school in peace. His four little children to be able to get a good education and be with everybody, for rightness and justice."

The Greene and Wayne County branches of the NAACP, along with other organizers, hosted the Moral Monday event.

Reverend Dr. William Barber was back in his hometown, and spoke to the crowd about Dr. King.

Barber said, "He understood if you're going to change America, you have to change the south. And if you're going to change the south, you have to change it state by state."

James Cain of Goldsboro said, "This march, it means a lot. This city, this county, this state, and especially my home here in Goldsboro, has got to change. It's got to change."

Cain told WITN that he believes there are still plenty of areas for improvement. He said MLK would be displeased with America's youth if he was alive today.

"Not with the young generation, not with the young generation," said Cain. "Because the young generation has to teach their generation coming up, but how can you teach if you don't even know yourself?"