Hundreds Of ENC Students Without Required Vaccination Face Suspension

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Hundreds of kids in the east are in danger of being suspended from school because they don't have a vaccination they need despite being reminded.

Since 2005, rising 6th graders across our state have been required to get their Tdap vaccine. It prevents against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, but in 2008 the state required students to get vaccinated by a deadline. That deadline was Tuesday, and now students who don't have the vaccine are in danger of suspension.

This problem is not new. Every year since the deadline was put in place students have been suspended because they didn't have the vaccine despite several reminders from different county agencies.

"I know that our school nurses, data managers, and everyone has put in a lot of effort to make people aware that: hey your child still needs this vaccination and this is the consequence if they do not have the vaccination. I think from an awareness stand point we've done just about all we can do," said Pitt County Schools spokesman Brock Lechtworth.

We checked with several counties in the east and roughly 75 students in Pitt County, 40 in Beaufort County and 30 in Lenoir County could be suspended because they haven't been vaccinated before the deadline.