Humane Society Asking For Help To Care For Mistreated Pitbull

The Humane Society of Eastern North Carolina is asking for your help in providing care to a severely mistreated dog.

6-year-old Hope is a pitbull mix that was found wandering in a Pitt County parking lot last week. She is suffering from a variety of health problems such as heartworms and ear infections, but most noticeably are the wounds inflicted through mistreatment.

Hope has been overbred to the point that her breast tissue nearly drags on the ground. The dog also has urine burns on her legs and paws, a sign officials say she was forced to sit in her own waste for extended periods of time.

Hope is already being treated for fleas, but will likely need expensive procedures, including a mastectomy to make a full recovery.

Staff at the humane society estimate Hope's care could cost up to $1,000. They're asking for donations to help cover the costs. They're also looking for the right owner to adopt Hope when she's ready for a new home.