How Greenville Police Validate A Gang Member

Greenville police say they have a set criteria when they validate a suspected gang member.

Police say a person must meet at least three of the following:

• Self Admittance: The individual admits to being a gang member or associate
• Tattoos/Markings/Scars: The individual has scars/marks/tattoos denoting gang membership and/or association.
• Association/Observation: The individual is observed associating on a regular basis with gang members
• Hand Signs/Symbols: The individual is observed displaying hand signs or symbols or writes graffiti denoting gang membership/association
• Terminology/Language: The individual uses terminology or language denoting gang membership/association
• Clothing/Jewelry/Style: The individual is observed wearing clothing, jewelry, or style denoting gang membership/association
• Documentation: The individual possesses photographs, graffiti etc denoting gang membership/association
• Documented Incident: The individual has a record of participating in, organizing, or supporting criminal gang activity.
• Reliable Confidential Source: The individual has been identified by a reliable informant as having gang membership/association
• Untested Source: The individual has been identified by an untested source as having gang membership/association.
• Law Enforcement: The individual has been identified as having gang membership/association by an outside law enforcement source or a law enforcement electronic system (i.e. gang databases)
• Communications – Written/Verbal/Electronic: The individual communicates/corresponds with identified gang members by writing letters in gang terminology or by telephone conversation or text messages in coded gang language.

Police say the victim in Wednesday morning's murder in uptown Greenville was validated as a gang member through this process.