Teens Charged In Durham Bus "Drano Bomb"

Police in Durham have charged three teens who they say left a homemade chemical bomb to explode on a bus.

Charged with attempted malicious use of an explosive device to damage property are Demetrius Walton, 18, Jaquan Cobb, 17, and Christopher Lewis, 18, all of Durham.

On Thursday, police released photos of the teens they said left a "Drano Bomb" on board.

The bomb exploded around 9:35 Tuesday night, once the teens got off the Bull City Connector bus.

Thankfully no one was hurt, and the bus was not badly damaged.

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Police in Durham said a home made bomb exploded on a bus and now they are searching for the man who left it on board.

Our affiliate WNCN reports the explosion went off around 9:35 Tuesday night in Durham on a Bull City Connector bus.

Officers said a rider left a jug behind when he got off the bus, then that homemade bomb exploded.

No one was hurt and the bus was not badly damaged.

Police are calling the weapon a Drano bomb- another name for a home made chemical bomb.

No word yet on any suspects.