Homeless Pack Greenville Shelter With Near Record Cold

The near record cold we're experiencing is causing many in need to find warmth at a shelter- which has the only public shelter in Greenville very busy.

The Greenville Community Shelter opens its doors at 6:00 every night and usually has about 60 people stay.

But Tuesday night when the temperatures dipped into the 20s, they had 70 people- putting them at maximum capacity.

Casquita Bryant was among those checking in. She says, "It's cold. During the summer, homeless people can probably walk, you know because it ain't that cold, but in the winter people want to be warm."

Kenyatta "Queenie" McClease used to be homeless. Now, she is back on her feet and paying it forward. She says, "Right now we're just trying to get blankets and coats because like I said, it's getting cold and there's people sleeping in the woods."

McClease says she and her family were homeless for three years, and now she wants to help those still in need.

She's collecting canned goods, coats and blankets for the homeless.

To donate you can call her at 252-508-1235.