Hijacked Ambulance Hits Home

(WXIA) Georgia authorities have caught the hospital patient they say stole an ambulance on Saturday afternoon with two firefighters on board.

Frank Ponquinette, 36, is in custody charged with two counts of kidnapping and interference with government property.

According to DeKalb County Fire Battalion Chief Christopher Morrison, Jr., a male EMT and a female paramedic were doing paperwork and restocking while parked outside in the bay at Emory Hospital when a Ponquinette, a hospital patient in a hospital gown jumped in and ordered the two firefighters to "be quiet and hold on."

After speeding through the streets of Decatur, Morrison Jr. said Ponquinette crashed the ambulance head on into a chiropractic clinic, taking out a power pole, electrical box and front porch. Nobody was in the building at the time of the collision, as it was closed.