Highway Patrol: Shooting Shows How Every Situation Can Turn Dangerous

Monday night's shooting of a Highway Patrolman in Durham is yet another example of just how dangerous everyday can be for those in law enforcement.

Pitt County Highway Patrol Trooper W.D. Coley says, "When you stop a car, you're trained to handle things in certain ways. They may change. What may be a speeding ticket, might turn into a shooting situation."

That is exactly what happened Monday night in Durham when Trooper Mike Potts was shot four times during a traffic stop on U.S. 70.

Greenville resident Adrianna Gray says, "The fact that he's a State Trooper and he was on a heavily trafficked interstate that I myself have been on numerous times just really took me back."

Trooper Coley says as a member of law enforcement, he takes the shooting personal. " Somebody that would stoop to that level to try to kill a law enforcement officer, somebody that is out there to enforce the law and try to be good for the community, and then for them to try to take their life? Yeah, it hits us all."

Trooper Coley says every traffic stop brings its concerns, but their goal is to protect the community. When incidents like the shooting happen it reminds him just how dangerous his job can be.