Highway Patrol Responds To Hundreds Of Wrecks In Three ENC Counties

Highway Patrol responded to hundreds of wrecks in Onslow, Jones and Duplin counties on Tuesday.

Most of the wrecks involved cars in ditches, but there have been some serious crashes as well.

A two-car collision on Highway 258 in Rhodestown, between Richlands and Jacksonville, sent three people to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

It was slow going along stretches of Highway 258 and 24 all day, due to cars in ditches and other fender benders.

Troopers, police, fire and EMS were constantly responding to distress calls.

Richlands Volunteer Fire Chief Scott Crompton said, "Pretty much just people sliding into the ditch spinning around things of that nature."

Crompton said the back-to-back winter storms have kept emergency crews busy.

Crompton added, "If you don't have to be out, don't. If you have to, please slow down and give time to maneuver if something is in front of you."

A lot of people took that advice, but the owner of Wiggins Hardware in downtown Richlands stayed open for the few that dared to hit the road.

Wiggins Hardware Owner Mark Tollefsrude said, "Who's been in today? Coffee Drinkers, loafers and farmers."