High School Student Learns C.P.R. And Saves Grandfather's Life

A high school student learned a life-saving tool that ultimately saved her grandfather's life.

18-year old Alex Davenport learned C.P.R. at South Central High School through a new partnership with Vidant Medical Center, The Pitt County Sheriff's Office, and other Emergency personnel in the county.

Her grandfather had a heart attack on April 12, the day after his birthday.

Davenport says, her grandfather, Frank Westray was unresponsive that morning.

Her grandmother called her into the bedroom for help. Davenport says she spent 6 minutes doing hands-only compressions, until help could arrive.

Davenport says, at first, she didn't want to take the class and never thought she would have a use for it.

But then a week later, her grandfather suffered from a heart attack. He died twice on his way to the hospital, but, was revived each time. He credits his granddaughter for saving his life.

Volunteers from Vidant Medical Center in Greenville give their time to show high school students how to perform hands-on C.P.R.

The North Carolina State Legislature voted to require all high school students to learn C.P.R.. The graduating class of 2015 will be the first class affected by this change.