Heavy Rain Causes High Water On ENC Roads

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We had flooding in several spots across eastern carolina Wednesday night, and it proved to be a pretty big obstacle for some drivers.

At 13th Street and Trade Street in Washington around pm, about 2 feet of water covered the roads. Cars were still attempting to drive through, but for those who live here, that wasn't an option. Marie Windley and her family had their driveway completely blocked off.

"It's very frustrating. I think they should have drain pipes in there where the water could just flow out, more than one, one on each side so the cars could come through here. For us, we can't move out so it is pretty hard if we got to get somewhere or go to the store to eat," said Windley.

Windley says she wouldn't try to drive through the flooding. She's seen plenty of people get stuck attempting it in the past.