Health Department Charges Catering Business Owner

The owner of a Pitt County catering business has been charged after health officials say they found him operating without state health permits.

Pitt County Public Health says it received a complaint Monday that Robbie's Grill and Catering didn't have a health permit.

Environmental health inspectors say they found Robbie Nicholson operating the business out of a metal building off of Grimesland Bridge Road without a state Food Protection and Sanitation permit.

Inspectors say they found the building with no running water, electricity or sewage disposal. They also said an opening in the ceiling allowed rain to come into the building, a large gas stove and deep fryers fueled by propane were being used, along with coolers with no ice to store raw food.

The health department says it charged Nicholson with two counts of public health violations, while county building inspectors have condemned the building.

Officials are asking anyone who may have recently used Robbie's Grill and Catering, also known as Robbie's Catering, should contact the Pitt County Health Department's Environmental Health Division at 252-902-3205.