POLICE: No Charges In Deadly Havelock Shooting

Police say a man who shot and killed another man this weekend in Havelock will not face any charges because of the Castle Doctrine.

Havelock police say the victim, Demetri Berry, and Marcus Nunes, both of Havelock went to Kelly Park Apartments looking for Marvin Norris, Jr. Police said the two believed Norris had broken into their homes several weeks ago.

Police say Berry and Nunes spotted Norris in the parking lot and were armed with a golf club and baseball bat. Norris ran into a relative's apartment and locked the door. Inside was the relative and her three children.

Police say the two men broke through the apartment door and Norris then shot Berry in the abdomen. They say Nunes then ran away.

Craven County District Attorney Scott Thomas says it was pretty clear what the intent of the two men were. “The evidence in this case indicates that Berry and Nunes intended to do physical harm to Norris," said Thomas. "They were armed, with one or more deadly weapons, and pursued Norris as he retreated to a family member’s apartment, wherein Norris locked the door, in an attempt to avoid a confrontation. Nunes and Berry then forcefully entered the apartment in search of Norris. Based upon the law and facts, Mr. Norris was justified in his use of deadly force to defend himself. Had he not acted, he would have likely suffered serious bodily harm or even death.”

Nunes was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with felony breaking and entering and felony conspiracy to commit assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

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Havelock Police are investigating a shooting that killed one person Saturday.

Police received a call around 10:25 a.m. about a shooting at the Kelley Park apartments in Havelock.

A news release says Fire and Rescue found Demetri Berry of Havelock with a gunshot wound to the upper abdomen/lower chest area. The 28-year-old man was taken to Carolina East where he later died.

Police say they continue to try to identify the shooter and locate witnesses to the murder.

State records show Berry was convicted of possession with intent to sell schedule VI narcotics in 2008, and then possession of a firearm by felon and and second drug possession conviction last year.

The Department of Correction says Berry was still on probation when he was shot and killed.

Friends of Berry's have called to say he was a great person and they're going to miss him

Joshua Annis told WITN Berry was a great guy who would go out of his way to do anything for anyone.

Shawnda Senson says Berry leaves behind three children. She also said he was a selfless person who had a heart of gold.