Local Donations Continue To Come In For Sandy Victims

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The devastation up north has folks here in the east coming together to help those who really need it.

Shirley Jones was among those dropping of donations at collection spots in Craven and Carteret Counties. Jones dropped off dozens of bags full of food for people she's never met.
Jones said, "We were thinking, if this was us, I would thank the Lord if somebody helped me out too."

Lowe's parking lot in Morehead City and to Crabby Patty's in Havelock have been collecting and organizing donations.

The folks at Crabby Patty's hope to leave by 5:00 in the morning Monday so they can get to New York. Pro-Environmental workers will have their truck at the Lowe's in Morehead City until Sunday and then leave for New Jersy on Monday as well.


A Havelock couple is looking to lend a helping hand to the areas up north that were hit hard by Sandy.

George and Patty Aswad own the Crabby Patty's restaurant on Highway 70 in Havelock. are originally from New York City, and have family and friends still living there. With many of them suffering damage to their homes from the storm, the Aswads are collecting donations, and taking them up north. George says the more donations they can get, the more people they'll be able to help.

"We'd like to bring up as much as we can. We were going to leave Thursday but we're going to wait until Friday morning, and hopefully we'll have quite a bit of stuff to bring up there and help everybody out," said Crabby Patty's owner George Aswad.

If you'd like to donate you can bring any canned goods or other supplies to the Crabby Patty's.