Harborview Towers Residents: We Were Asked To Leave, But Not Told Why

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Nearly 2 dozen seniors at an independent senior living facility in Morehead City are packing up their things and trying to find a new home, and they only have couple of weeks left to do it.

Harborview Towers residents say they received a letter about 6 weeks ago, from Harborview Enterprizes telling them they would have to move out by August 30th, but they say, the letter didn't tell them why.

The Attorney General's office says it is investigating the matter.

Residents we spoke with Monday say, they're not only worried about moving. They're worried that they won't get their money back.

"I feel as though I've been put upon and all my friends here. I'm sorry, so sorry for all of our friends here that have come in here too. They've all moved out like rats from a sinking ship," said Dee Quigley.

We left a message with the owners to comment, but had not heard back as of late Monday night.