Hammocks Beach State Park Expects To Acquire 300 Acres Of Land

A state park will soon be nearly 300 acres larger after an agreement to end a long legal battle over the property. It's good news for visitors who already enjoy all that Hammocks Beach State Park has to offer.

David Pearson is president of the Friends of the Hammocks and Bear Island. He says after years of dispute over the land, an agreement was reached last week that should eventually result in the state paying $10.3 million for the land.

"People can come to the park year round," says Pearson. "To put that in perspective, right now we have about 150,000 visitors a year. Jockey's Ridge and Fort Macon State Park both are right around 420 acres and they get about 1.5 million visitors a year. "

Pearson says the additional property will help to accommodate large group camp sites for boy scouts and youth activities. He expects the settlement agreement to take between six months and a year.