Hagan Visited Lennox China Plant In Kinston Monday

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan paid a visit to eastern carolina Monday.

Senator Hagan toured the Lennox China plant in Kinston known for producing some of the world's finest china including the official china of the white house.

Hagan says the plant serves as an example of the excellence in manufacturing that North Carolina companies are capable of.
One of the topics the senator touched on during her visit was the recent fiscal cliff negotiations.

"Waiting until the 11th hour to get something done at a date certain. It reminds me of being in college. It's not wise to wait to write that term paper the night before it's due. If you want to get an "A" in class my advice is: don't do that, and I think we in Congress have got to find a way to work together," said Hagan (D-NC) U.S. Senator

Hagan says she's pleased taxes won't go up on a majority of North Carolinians, but regrets a broader deal couldn't be reached to address our national debt.