Gun Sales At Winterville Store Saturday Break 52-Year Record

The shooting in Connecticut has the issue of gun control back in the forefront and it has meant an increase in gun sales over the weekend across the country and here in the east.

The owner of Colts Guns and Pawn has been in the business for a long time and says sales this past Saturday at his Winterville store broke a record from 1960.

Manager Josh Richardson said they sold four-times the amount of guns they would on a normal day -- which came out to around $30,000 worth. He says that the marked increase in business is due at least in part to fear of a possible assault weapons ban or some other increase in gun control. Richardson says, "They're talking about re-instituting the assault weapon ban. Don't know if that'll happen or not but it's scaring a lot of people so they're buying stuff up as fast as they can."

Meanwhile, there are those like Mary Lee who feel that some kind of change is needed. "I understand why people want to have guns in their home because of the crime rate but they're too accessible, children can take guns to school -- how did your child get a gun?"

Politicians in a few states are calling for a federal ban on assault rifles and extended clip magazines.