Gun Control Debate At ECU

People on both sides of the gun control issue took the debate to ECU Thursday night, making their cases in front of over 100 students.

Paul Helmke, former President of the Brady Campaign Center to prevent gun violence, and John Lott Junior, author of "More Guns, Less Crime" were the two speakers.

Lott says, "With just two exceptions, every single one of the mass public shootings in the United States has taken place where guns are banned.

Lott says, "You wouldn't put up a sign in front of your home saying your home was a gun free zone. It's pretty obvious why you wouldn't do that. It's not like putting that sign up would scare off the attackers. You'd be worried that it would actually encourage them to pick your house."

Helmke feels the exact opposite and described his reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting back in December of 2012. He says, "It just ripped my heart. I mean to have 20 first graders riddled with bullets, and for our country to have done nothing, and to since then have done nothing."

He says more guns could mean more instances where the guns are used when they aren't needed.

Lott Jr. Counters, "There are a lot of good people out there and a few bad ones, and if we let the good people defend themselves, you can discourage the bad people from engaging in the attacks.


People on both sides of the gun control issue are ready to fire away Thursday night at East Carolina University.

ECU is hosting a debate on national gun control.

The discussion will put the author of "More Guns, Less Crime," John Lott Jr., at one podium. At the other will be Paul Helmke, the former president of the Brady Campaign/Center To Prevent Gun Violence and current faculty member at Indiana University.

Those wishing to attend do not need a ticket, but should be at the Mendenhall Student Center's Hendrix Theater by 7 p.m. Thursday.