Group Rallies In Onslow County For Prayer In School

About two dozen people rallied outside the Onslow County Courthouse Monday trying and get prayer back into our schools.

Baysden Chapel Church of Richlands headed up the rally. Several other churches in the area also participated.

Those at the rally held up signs and encouraged people to honk to get their message across.

David Jarman was the prayer leader. Jarman says, "We're trying to get prayer instituted back into our schools, back into our homes. This nation was founded under God, and we believe in the power of prayer, and if God was back where it belongs, we'd see a great change in our nation and in our kids and that's our purpose."

This group will be rallying again Wednesday. They plan on meeting from 9:00 until 11:00 in the morning in front the school board building in Jacksonville.