Greenville's New Public Works Director Settling In

Greenville's newly hired public works director, Kevin Mulligan arrived at city hall Tuesday to start getting acquainted with the city, his job, and city officials.

Mulligan got a chance to meet the mayor for the first time. Mayor Allen Thomas told Mulligan he was excited to see him, but there's a lot of work to do.

Last November several sanitation workers walked off the job citing issues of low wages, lack of respect and safety concerns on the job.

Mulligan says, "I'm trying to come on board and listen to what my coworkers have to say, what they feel is working, what they feel we could do better on and provide a little direction with the city manager and city council and the constituency at large."

Mulligan officially starts on December 27th and will make $130,000.

Mulligan says his wife and their two-and-half-year old son are looking forward to being a part of eastern Carolina.