Greenville Woman Who Met With President Obama Joined Fiscal Cliff Write-In Campaign

A Greenville woman recently met with the president to talk about the fiscal cliff, and joined a local write-in campaign Tuesday to encourage lawmakers find a solution to avoid the fiscal cliff.

May Ross was among three dozen people invited to the White House last month to talk about how to avoid the fiscal cliff. Tonight, she and others were taking action at the Lucille Gorham Intergenerational Center in Greenville. People gathered to participate in a fiscal cliff write-in campaign. Each person wrote a letter to congress explaining their concerns, and encouraged both parties to work together.

"People are struggling. Whether through trying to take care of their parents or just trying to keep their kids in school, it's really difficult. I myself again as a single mom..just trying to keep food on the table and make sure that my daughter gets a good education...that's my number one priority," said Ross.

125 letters were written Tuesday night and will be delivered next tuesday.