Greenville Vigil Honors Lives Lost In Connecticut School Shooting

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While Newtown Connecticut is almost 600 miles away, people in the east are still feeling the impacts of Friday's tragedy.

In Greenville Friday night around a dozen people held a candlelight vigil to pay their respects to the victims. One of those was Naya Powell, who has four children, including her 9-year old son Eddie. He's in fourth grade, and Naya spoke with us about what she told him after he saw the news on TV.

"I want him to know that he still needs to go to school and life still goes on, but just be mindful that something tragic has happened to others, and be grateful for still being here and being safe," said Powell.

Powell says at this point, she doesn't think anyone is safe at any level of schooling. She told us she can't imagine not being able to pick up her son from school.