Greenville Trio Accused Of Selling Counterfeit Concert Tickets Due In Court

The men accused of selling counterfeit concert tickets on Craigslist will face a judge Thursday.

Michael Corrigan, 20, Martin Luna, 24, and Russell Brooks, 23, were arrested a few weeks ago.

The trio is accused of selling fake concert tickets for the Luke Bryan concert last weekend and the upcoming Journey concert, featuring Steve Miller.

Farmville Police said the men copied the tickets they printed and sold them through Craigslist.

Corrigan, Luna and Brooks will be making a court appearance Thursday morning.

We will let you know what happens in court.

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If you are headed to the Luke Bryan or Journey/Steve Miller concerts next month you might want to check your tickets.

Three Greenville men are accused of selling counterfeit tickets for those events on Craigslist.

Farmville police have charged Michael Corrigan, 20, Martin Luna, 24, and Russell Brooks, 23, with obtaining property by false pretense and felony conspiracy.

Police say the three printed off and sold multiple copies of the June 7th Luke Bryan concert in Raleigh and the Journey/Steve Miller concert in Virginia Beach on June 21st.

The three are accused of selling the tickets all over Eastern Carolina after posting ads on the Internet and Farmville police say if you purchased tickets from them you should file a report with your local police of sheriff's department.

Corrigan, Luna and Brooks were jailed on $25,000 bonds.