Greenville Train Delays Continue, CSX Plans Off Track

Just when drivers thought they could cross into Greenville without being stopped by the train, those plans have been derailed.

Greenville's infamous train crossings seem to be a major roadblock for drivers especially if you're on Arlington Boulevard.

This is the main route to and from the hospital, but when the train stops it, traffic can back up for close to a mile. Since the new switching yard on the outskirts of town didn't open as scheduled in June, then July and then the end of August, drivers are wondering when this project will officially stay on track.

"Most of time those take time, but we've been waiting for this for a while. I know I always worry about emergency personnel trying to get back to the hospital. You hope you never have a heart attack with one of those things," said Ben Parrott who hates the train delays.

Maxine White says she doesn’t mind the delays.

"Everything is an inconvenience but this is how we expanded our economy way back when. I'm just patient."

The switching yard could take another few weeks before it's operational according to Mayor Allen Thomas. WITN also contacted CSX and it asked us to wait until after the Labor Day holiday for a timeline for the switching yard to open.