Greenville Tea Party Leader Reacts To IRS Scandal

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President Barack Obama said Thursday he knew nothing about the IRS targeting conservative groups until the inspector general's report was leaked to the press. Greenville conservative groups meanwhile are speaking out about the IRS scrutiny.

Greenville Tea Party leader Diane Rufino says the local group was not targeted, but she believes what happened across the country with other conservative groups is criminal. President Obama is dealing with multiple scandals, including the IRS, Benghazi, and the gathering of telephone records of Associated Press reporters. Rufino says she believes it could all negatively affect the president's second term.

"I think his second term could be marred by investigation, by mistrust, and he could be bogged down by these investigations, and it could prevent him from having credibility on other issues," said Rufino

Meantime, a former IRS worker and now East Carolina University political science professor, tells WITN people have been quick to judge what happened without knowing all the facts.

Late Thursday afternoon, a second IRS official, the commissioner in charge of the agency's tax exempt and government entities division said he will resign.