Are You Ready For Valentine's Day?

From putting together flower arrangements to making cupcakes or picking out gifts, stores all over Greenville have their hands full preparing for Valentine's Day.

Lindsay Riley at Monkees says, "Valentine's day is pretty big. We've got a lot of guys coming in here last minute, scrambling to buy some things for the girls. Lots of moms and grandmoms and sisters like to buy stuff for their friends and relatives."

Tom Wollard over at Confection Connection says, ""Valentine's is one one of those times a year when it's so important for small business. We look forward to additional income, paying down debt."

But Valentine's Day shopping this year hit a bit of road bump when snow and sleet shut down several stores across Greenville on Wednesday.

Crystal Corbett at Bailey's Fine Jewelry says, "'We did close early on Wednesday due to the storm coming in and had a tremendous loss."

Michael Glenn, a florist at Jefferson's, says ""We had a little bit of a meltdown yesterday at about noon, when we looked outside and saw that it looked like a snow globe."

But Jefferson's in Uptown Greenville and Confection Connection on Red Banks Road worked through the storm.

Wollard says, ""Yesterday we put a plan of action in. We called a couple of local hotels, we had several of our employees, we put them up so they wouldn't have to travel on the icy roads."

Business owners say they're prepared for the rush they expect to see on Friday, perhaps the sweetest day of the year.