Greenville Stores Nearly Depleted Of All Snow Clearing Materials

No brush, no scraper, and four inches of snow just chilling on your windshield is a bad combination.

So, Marcia Greene got creative.

Greene said, "This is my plastic bag. I didn't have a scraper in my car, so I just took my bread out my bag and just started wiping."

Her sister Maria wasn't much better off, using her handheld scraper like an ice-cream scooper to toss away the snow.

Maria said, "This is the south. We're not supposed to have snow in the south, but hey, it is what it is."

Marcia said next time she'll make sure to have a better option than a bag.

Marcia said, "Yes, most definitely. Maybe somebody will buy me one."

Well, that could be a problem.

The Walmart on Greenville Boulevard says their snow-removing supplies are depleted. Another Walmart on 10th Street is scraper-less, brush-less, even shovel-less.

Target also sold out of its scrapers and brushes on Tuesday. Stores like Lowe's don't even carry them.

Walmart says if we had a normal Eastern Carolina winter, they'd have actually been over stocked. This time around, multiple snow storms have left the store waiting for extra scrapers since January.