Greenville Speed Cushions Still Get Bumpy Reception By Some

Months after so-called "speed-cushions" were installed to slow traffic in uptown Greenville, debate continues over the devices.

The speed cushions were installed back in November in an effort to slow traffic down and improve pedestrian safety. But city council members Marion Blackburn and Calvin Mercer say they've gotten plenty of negative feedback from the community.

The issue was addressed at Monday night's city council meeting, and while part of council is still skeptical, business owners in the area say they're all for it.

Quarry and Stilllife owner Sharif Hatoum says, "This is just one step along that way. This may not be the final solution, but it's a good solution for now."

Marion Blackburn says, "We've got to answer questions before we decide to move forward, or not with them."

The speed cushions don't look like your typical speed bump-that's so emergency vehicles can drive straight over them, without being slowed down or damaged.