Greenville Shooting Suspect's Neighbor Offers Insight Into Man's Behavior Prior To Shootings

The next door neighbor of 23-year-old Lakim Faust, the suspect in a Friday morning shooting spree in Greenville, says that word of Faust’s alleged actions are not shocking.

"It didn't surprise me. Again, he stayed in his apartment,” said Paul Avignone, “I asked one of my neighbors, what's the story with the guy in number 3? And he said well, he just stays to himself.”

Police say that Faust lives in an apartment at 217 Hartford Street, which is a short distance behind Kellum Law Firm where the violence began.

Avignone lives in apartment 4, Faust was in 3. Since Avignone moved in, the two rarely interacted.

“In the period of the nine months, I only one day saw him twice. And that's when I was moving in and I had the door open. Other than that, I have never seen him before,” said Avignone

Avignone says that his neighbor saw Faust they day of the shooting,

“He saw my neighbor (Faust) walking across, and he had a napsack on, and that was it. And he was dressed in black or something he said. And he told me that he believed that he was the guy who did the shooting,” according to Avignone.