Greenville Residents: DOT Project Created Eyesore, Safety Issues

Some Greenville residents say the Department of Transportation has turned their neighborhood into an eyesore and a safety hazard.

The DOT has been buying and demolishing houses along Farmville Boulevard in Greenville to make way for the 10th Street Connector road project. Before destroying the homes, someone has been removing the windows and doors. In some cases trash and debris from inside the homes has been scattered across yards.

Residents say workers left the homes gutted and unsecured for months. DOT supervisors say that they don't think that their contractors removed the windows and doors or gutted the homes and say it could be vandalism. Residents we spoke with say they just want the properties secured or torn down.

"They did leave them all like that, and people were just going in and taking things... taking what they wanted you know. So I don't know the reason they left them all open like that. It's just the way they've been doing it," said neighbor Lois McCall.

DOT officials say 12 of the 14 remaining homes scheduled for demolition will be torn down this week. The other 2 are still occupied.