Letter Says Cop Fired For Gross Negligence, Falsifying Record & Lying

A Greenville police officer, fired earlier this week, was let go for falsifying a departmental record and lying.

Former detective Rose Edmonds remains the subject of an SBI investigation.

In her dismissal letter, obtained today by WITN News, Chief Hassan Aden said the 20-year veteran officer was also being fired for gross negligence. The dismissal letter says since Edmonds did not file an appeal or grievance, her firing became final with Monday's letter.

The SBI says it was asked in December to investigate the narcotics officer at the request of the district attorney and the police chief. The reason for that investigation hasn't been released, but last week Chief Aden said the officer had violated departmental policy and could possibly face criminal charges.

According to the city personnel records, the only other blemish on Edmonds' record was a three day suspension without pay back in 1998. No reason was listed for that suspension.

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A police detective who is the subject of a state investigation was officially fired on Monday.

The SBI says the investigation into Greenville Detective Rose Edmonds in ongoing.

Last week Edmonds, who was a 20 year veteran of the department, was suspended pending dismissal. While Chief Hassan Aden on Thursday said Edmonds was fired, that officially happened on Monday.

Edmonds worked in narcotics for the past 14 years. Neither the SBI nor the chief would elaborate on the nature of the investigation.

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A Greenville police officer who is under state investigation has been fired.

The State Bureau of Investigation confirms that Officer Rose Edmonds is being investigated at the request of former District Attorney Clark Everett and Police Chief Hassan Aden. That request was made in December.

An SBI spokeswoman says the investigation is still active at this time. Chief Aden says back in October the department was made aware of certain allegations against the officer.

Edmonds was a narcotics officer for the past twelve years.

The city says the 49-year-old officer was suspended Thursday for three days pending dismissal.

At an afternoon news conference, Chief Aden says he fired the officer, but city protocol says they first have to give her a three day suspension.

Edmonds was a master police officer and has been with the department for nearly 20 years.

The chief says he wants the public to know that his officers are held to the highest standards and will face action if they violate the law.