UPDATE: Greenville Police Officer Shoots, Kills 1 of 2 Pit Bulls Said To Be Attacking Chocolate Lab

The owner of a dog that police say was attacked by two pit bulls, says his chocolate Labrador is now out of surgery.

It happened Sunday morning on Dupont Circle. A Greenville police officer shot and killed one of the two attacking dogs, while the other pit bull ran and was later captured.

It appears the two pit bulls got through a fence that separates the two yards.

The owner of Chelsea says she finished emergency surgery around 1:00 a.m. and her left ear was seriously damaged. He says his dog remains in recovery, but believes she will be fine.

The owner says his neighbors, who own the pit bulls, have volunteered to pay the cost of Chelsea's vet bills.

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Officials say that a police officer shot and killed 1 of 2 pit bulls involved in what’s described as a vicious attack on a chocolate lab.

Greenville Police say that they received a call of a canine attack around 9:47 Sunday morning at 107 Dupont Circle. The caller said that 2 vicious pit bulls were attacking her Labrador retriever in her back yard.

Officials say that Officer C.J. Conklin arrived on scene and found that the caller and another person were trying to intervene in the attack. We’re told that in an effort to protect the citizens and save the life of the chocolate lab, Officer Conklin jumped the fence, then fired his weapon striking the female pit bull. Officials say the pit bull continued its attack, and was shot 3 times before it died. The male pit bull ran from the area but was later captured.

The chocolate lab was taken to the Emergency Animal Clinic for surgery on serious life-threatening wounds, according to police.

Officials say the person who tried to intervene during the attack also received injuries to his hand but refused medical treatment by Greenville EMS.

Police say that the male pit bull has been seized and deemed as vicious by Animal Control.

Officials say the dead pit bull will be taken to the Rollins Lab in Raleigh for a necropsy.

Officials say that Advanced Police Officer C.J. Conklin is a 5 year veteran of the Greenville Police Department. We’re told he serves as an instructor for the department and is assigned to the Field Operations Bureau.