Greenville Police Looking For Woman Who Used fake $100.00 To Buy Frozen Yogurt

Greenville Police are looking for a woman who they say used counterfeit money to buy frozen yogurt.

Police say a woman in her 20's paid for $8.00 worth of frozen yogurt at Brrrberry Frozen Yogurt with a fake $100.00 bill.

Greenville Police and the store manager say clerks are the key to catching counterfeiters.

Sgt. Joe Friday says, "The suspects rely on a clerk being in a hurry, trying to provide good customer service, taking that money, and getting change back quickly."

Store manager Danielle Biondo says, "We're going to tell them little tips and tricks, how to tell if money's counterfeit or not, we're going to like hold it up to the light, show them how to pretty much look at the bill and know what's real and what's not.