Greenville Police Launch School Security Program

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The Greenville Police Department says it launched its Adopt-A-School program for elementary schools around the city this week. The schools in the program don't have full time school resource officers, so some patrol officers will spend a little time each day or two, doing foot patrols at the schools, spending a meal break there and getting to know the students and staff.

The officers plan to focus on drop off and pick up times, meal times, and extra-curricular and sports events, as time permits.

The program is starting with the C-PLATOON patrol officers of the Greenville Police Department, and the idea was officer-initiated.

Here's a list of the schools and officers that are paired up so far.
Officer E. Robinson -- S. Greenville Elementary
Officer F. Harris -- Oakwood School
Officer C. Rodriquez -- Lake Forrest Elementary
Officer A. Uvalle -- Wahl Coates Elementary
Officer M. Grady -- Eastern Elementary
Officer C. Church -- Wintergreen Elementary
Officer R. Kurtz -- Elmhurst Elementary