Greenville Police Detail Crime Numbers

Hearing about crimes night after night in Greenville, some wonder what's going on.

Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden talked Tuesday about where the city's crime rate stands compared to others cities the same size.

Police Chief Hassan Aden released a new study showing where the city ranks, compared to other areas in the east.

With incidents like a home invasion off Fleming Street earlier this month, to a fatal shooting at Arlington Square in December, some in Greenville may feel crime is on the rise. Chief Aden says that's not the case. He says, "Perception hits all of us. When you look at the data in a certain way it can be surprising."

this graph shows the number of violent crimes reported in 2012,

According to the SBI, the numbers from the 2012 Uniform Crime Report show Greenville at fourth place for violent crimes with at 5.3 crimes per 1,000 people...tied with High Point and Wilson.

Aden says, "I knew that we were in the ballpark of being a relatively safe city in the east, I just didn't know how well we were doing. So if it can surprise me it can surprise many."

Since December 2013, Greenville has had 9 home invasions. Police say all of the victims were targeted and 8 of those were drug related.

Aden says a new tactic police are using is arresting anyone who breaks the law, even if that means arresting the alleged victim. He says, "If you're attracting that kind of attention and people are coming to your house to rob you for your drugs and your currency, expect that when the police come to your house, we're looking and we're going to charge you."

Aden says they've added a number of detectives to the gang unit and most will be out on the street everyday.

With the two recent restaurant robberies this week, Chief Aden says they are also working with restaurants and delivery places to teach employees of those establishments how to take safety precautions.