Greenville Police Say Crime Crackdown Successful

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Police say during the past week they have arrested 33 people as part of Greenville's violence reduction plan, and they believe the crackdown has been successful.

Ten people were nabbed Wednesday by police officers and U.S. Marshals on cocaine charges, while police say they have recovered five guns since the violence reduction plan began.

Police say those arrested during the crackdown include drug dealers, gang members, gang associates, and other criminals.

Detectives say the goal of the operation is to stop violence immediately, stabilize the targeted neighborhood, and restore a sense of calm and security in the city.

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Ten people facing cocaine-related charges are behind bars this morning after the Greenville Police Department made arrest after arrest after arrest.

The following suspects are charged with cocaine-related charges:
Laquonne Anthony of Tarheel Drive, Greenville, $100,000 bond
Tony Bland of Spring Forest Road, Greenville, $100,000 bond
Christopher Brockett of Colonial Ave., Greenville, $100,000 bond
Ricky Cannon of Manhattan Ave., Greenville, $50,000 bond
Demekio Gay of Sixth St., Greenville, $500,000 bond
Precious Hardy of Scarlett Ohara Rd., Greenville, $151,000 bond
Leosha Johnson of Frontgate Dr., Greenville, $500,000 bond
Rufus Madlock of Battle St., Greeenville, $250,000 bond
Jamar Savage of Myrtle Ave., Greenville, $250,000 bond
Daekel Simpson of Myrtle Ave., Greenville, $250,000 bond
Vincent Williams of Sagerwood Ct., Winterville, $50,000 bond

Click the image above to see a slide show of mug shots.

We checked the court records of each of these suspects. Of the ten, only Savage and Simpson do not have other pending criminal charges.

Laquonne Anthony

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