Greenville Police Chief Talks Crime Solutions With Greenville-Pitt Chamber Of Commerce

Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden met with business and community leaders Tuesday to talk about his plan to make their city safer.

Aden met with the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce and explained his strategic plan to reduce crime over the next two years.

The chief says he plans to divide the city into three precincts each with a commander and officers who work exclusively in those areas.

He says that will allow officers to become more familiar with the needs of the residents and businesses in the those areas and provide faster response times to calls for service.

He also says that a unique center city unit has been created to work in the uptown area. The unit will not only focus on traditional law enforcement, but also in finding ways to contribute to economic development in the area. Aden says, "We recognize that in order to have an area, a community you know, an overlay of a portion of your city that has conditions that encourage people to come in and open up businesses, the police are a big part of that."

Chief Aden says improving traffic safety and reducing collisions is a top priority as well.