NEW INFO: Felony Arson Charges For Greenville Home Fire

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While Greenville Police continue to investigate an intentionally set fire, we now know the accused will face felony charges once arrested.

Greenville police said a fire was set on the concrete porch at 1213 Clark Street in Greenville around 3:00 Wednesday morning. That fire happened about an hour after police had been called there for a domestic disturbance.

In a recently published police report, officers indicated they are looking for one suspect. According to that report, once the suspect is charged, he or she will face two counts of felony first-degree arson.

The same report lists two victims living at the Clark Street address. Officers indicated the 38-year-old male victim is an acquaintance of the suspect while the 27-year-old female victim does not know the suspect.

Greenville Police spokeswoman Kristen Hunter said the case is still under investigation and there is nothing new to release at this point.

No one was hurt during the Wednesday morning fire.


Neighbors woke up to a flurry of police cars and then fire trucks overnight on their Greenville street.

Greenville police said they believe a fire was intentionally set on the back porch of 1213 Clark Street, which is off West 14th Street, around 3:00 Wednesday morning.

Sergeant Fisher said the small fire was set on the concrete porch, but having it there actually minimized the damage.

Police were called to that same home an hour earlier for a domestic disturbance.

No one has been charged.


Greenville Police were called to a home overnight for a reported fire. It happened at a home at 1213 Clark Street around 3 a.m. Wednesday.

An hour earlier, we know police were called to the same home for another matter.

At this time Clark St. is blocked off in both directions.

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