Greenville Police Break Up Pro-Palestinian March After Group Fails To Get Permit

Police asked more than 100 Palestinian supporters in Greenville to stop their march because the group did not have a permit.

The march started at the Islamic Center on Evans Street and went to the Pitt County Courthouse Friday afternoon. It comes after violence on the West Bank escalated after three Israeli teens were found dead near Hebron last month.

Greenville police say the group sponsoring the march failed to get a city parade permit. Lt. Carlton Williams says officers requested the people disband, they complied and then walked back to the Islamic Center.

One of the organizers says in the past they were told by police they didn't need a permit if they stayed on the sidewalk and didn't stop traffic.

Samar Badwan says the group had finished the event at the courthouse and were walking back when they were met by police who told them a permit was needed.

Badwan said they are planning another march and they will get a permit from now on.