Greenville Police Actively Looking For People Who Need Shelter

Sub-freezing temperatures are expected overnight on Tuesday and Greenville Police will be looking for those who don't have a warm place to sleep.

Police stocked all their police cruisers with blankets, donated by the American Red Cross, as they venture out in the cold.

We're told the blankets are for those who insist on sleeping in this weather. The ultimate goal, however, is to bring the homeless out of the elements.

Greenville Police Spokesman Kristin Hunter said, "We are out actively looking out for people who may need shelter. All of our officers will provide transportation to a local hotel that we've arranged with Angel Cops and they will help to provide shelter and food for any homeless person."

Those who need shelter will be housed at the Camelot Inn, as well as the Living Waters Abundant Life Church in Greenville. The members opened up their facility to help Angel Cops offset the cost of putting the homeless in hotels.